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Sandanski is situated in the southwestern part of Bulgaria, at the foot of Pirin mountain, by the waters of the river Sandanska Bistritsa. Its location between the Kresna and Rupchensko gorges is the reason for its pleasant climate, making it the sunniest city in the country, with an average yearly temperature of 14°С only around 10 snowy days each year. Sandanski is renowned for its unique microclimate and clean air, containing the lowest amount of allergens in all of Bulgaria, which is why it is highly recommended by medical experts for people with respiratory problems. The town’s famous balneotherapy center has multiple mineral water springs with temperatures ranging between 42°С and 81°С which is also very favorable for people with motor disabilities.

The town of Sandanski is also famous for its key location, with easy important links nationally and internationally. It is only 30 km from the border with Macedonia, 25 km from the Greek border, with Thessaloniki being only 130 km away. The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is also only 150 km on the highway, connecting it straight to Sandanski.


The exceptional location is also related to many different archeological, historical, natural, cultural, and touristic landmarks in and around the town. Sandanski is located within 10 km from multiple hiking trails in the southern part of Pirin mountain and 15 km from Belasitsa mountain. The historical Melnik, the smallest town in Bulgaria and also the most popular wine region in the country, is located only 20 km away, with more than 20 wineries, where you can taste and buy many different sorts grown locally. Another famous landmark is the Rupite area, known for its mineral water springs, containing healing abilities, and home to the famous deceased mystic Baba Vanga where the temple St. Petka is now located.

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