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Project Concept

NV16 - Sandanski Park Residence is a contemporary residential building, harmoniously connected with its location and natural surroundings. It has an open plan and spaciousness which are unique qualities for a building in Sandanski, one of the most densely-built cities in Bulgaria.                      


The building is situated right at the edge of the park and uses the open air and nature as its most distinctive qualities through the beautiful park and monumental view. Each apartment has a large amount of vast French windows which not only makes use of the magnificent panoramic view and natural daylight, but also enables the nature and greenery to flow within the living space. In order to complete the connection with nature, each apartment has its own private balcony. Another unique feature of the building is its exposition, facing south, east and west, making it warm during winter and sunny during summer.


The avant-garde architecture of NV16 - Sandanski Park Residence is unique for Sandanski’s urban landscape. The construction is of the highest quality, with a luxurious finish of the common areas and a contemporary façade, aiming to shift the perception for architectural norms in the area. The apartments vary in size and layouts, which gives prospective owners the opportunity to choose their perfect future home or vacation getaway. With a total of 15 properties, each owner can enjoy privacy, maximum functionality, and complete flexibility of the interior space, according to their personal preferences.

The project will be completed by the fall of 2021. 


The design of the facade is inspired by the sharp edges of the leaf of the most common tree species in the park of Sandanski - the sycamore. The shape of the leaf is reflected in the exterior features of the building, expressed through the narrow edges, sharp angles, and the combination of different materials and color pallets. The graphite grey color, stylish glass windows, finished with copper frames and highlighted with natural stone create a balance between the construction and its green environment. This unique incorporation of natural elements and minimalistic details create the refreshing character of the building by blending together authenticity and a modernized vision.



My name is Mihail Mihov, and I am the investor of the NV16 - Sandanski Park Residence Project.


The site where the project is being built used to be the former home of my grandparents by virtue of whom I was lucky to spent my childhood at most beautiful location in the town of Sandanski. Unfortunately, their house, built in the 70s, was no longer inhabited and, after one tough winter of major renovations, we had to face reality - the vacant property was slowly turning into a ruin.


Due to my strong personal connection to my childhood home and its one of a kind location, I decided to start this project in order to contain the memory of my ancestors and to create something special for my descendants where they can create dear memories of their own. My desire to share this extraordinary location, on the other hand, motivated me to initiate the concept of a residential building, now NV16 – Sandanski Park Residence. This is a very personal and significant project to me, created with love and exceptional attention to detail in every step of its development.



The location of the building is one of its most valuable qualities. It is situated in the foothill of Pirin mountain, right in the park area of Sandanski where the backyard of the property connects with the park itself. NV16 - Sandanski Park Residence enjoys a unique panoramic view of the entire park and town, Pirin mountain, the Rupite area, and the hillsides of the extinguished volcano Kojuh. In the distance, you can see the town of Petrich and the slopes of the majestic Belasitsa mountain along where the Greek border is situated.

The center and main street of Sandanski are only within a 4-minute walking distance from the building as the walkway goes through the park. It is located close to all shops, restaurants, kindergarten and daycare, schools, and medical centers. Despite its central location, however, the area is peaceful and quiet with almost no traffic.

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